The Story of Science

The Story of Science is a BBC science documentary series presented by Michael Mosley, exploring how the evolution of scientific understanding is intimately interwoven with society's historical path. The series consists of six episodes, and each of the episodes tries to find an scientific answer to the great questions: What is out there? What is the world made of? How did we get here? Can we have unlimited power? What is the secret of life? and Who are we? Throughout the series, Michael Mosley tries to explain how history made science and how science made history, and how the ideas which emerged made the modern world.

Episode 1 - What is out there?

Episode 1 - What is out there?
This episode attempts to explain how our view about the cosmos has evolved from the ancient Greece to the present.

Episode 2 - What is the world made of?
This episode explores from the secret labs of the alchemists in the Middle Ages to the concepts of quantum physics and the invention of the transistor to find the answer to what the world is made of.

Episode 3 - How did we get here?
This episode tells the story of how scientists came to explain the diversity of life on earth and how its evolution is connected to the long history of our planet.

Episode 4 - Can we have unlimited power?
This episode tells the story of how that power has been harnessed - from wind, steam and from inside the atom.

Episode 5 - What is the secret of life?
This episode tells the story of how the secret of life has been examined through the prism of the most complex organism known - the human body.

Episode 6 - Who are we?
This episode looks at the scientific explanations of how the brain works and what special quality makes us human.

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