Genius by Stephen Hawking

Can I Journey into the past? Do aliens exist? How would we find them? Am I here for a reason? Did the Universe have a beginning? How did I get here? How big is the Universe? We all have these kinds of big questions. Professor Stephen Hawking reveals our true potential in this documentary series, Genius by Stephen Hawking, which challenges a selection of volunteers and the viewer to think like the greatest geniuses of the past and answer some of humanity's toughest and most enduring questions.

Episode 1 - Can We Travel in Time?
Can I Journey into the past? Is time travel just science fiction? Three individuals face a series of challenges to find out if it's possible to time travel.

Episode 2 - Are We Alone?
Do aliens exist? How would we find them? In this episode the task is to work out the likelihood of alien life in the universe.

Episode 3 - Why Are We Here?
Am I here for a reason? Do I control my own destiny? The volunteers pose an important question about our role in the universe.

Episode 4 - Where Did the Universe Come From?
Did the Universe have a beginning? Where was the big bang? They experiments with cars and balloons to understand the origin of the universe.

Episode 5 - What Are We?
How did I get here? Where did we come from? Three volunteers set out to find an amazing realization about the nature of life itself.

Episode 6 - Where Are We?
How big is the Universe? How far away are the stars? In this episode, the volunteers attempt to discover where we really are in the universe.

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