James May's Things You Need to Know

James May's Things You Need to Know is a BBC documentary series presented by James May, taking us on an intriguing journey to answer the big questions in life. With the aid of animation and motion graphics, James May tries to answer key questions on aspects of everyday life, such as What makes up the human body? How do stars work? What a cloud is? What does E=mc2 actually mean? Why don't men ask for directions? And when can I move to Mars?

Episode 1 - The Human Body
James May asks the big questions about the human body: how did I get my granny's chin? Why do I catch colds? Why am I hung over? What will we look like a thousand years from now?

Episode 2 - The Universe
Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wondered about some of those big questions, like where did it all begin, how do stars work, or what is Madonna doing in space?

Episode 3 - The Weather
Do you ever look up at the sky and wonder why it's blue? Or what a cloud is? Or how you can avoid being hit by lightning? James May asks the big questions about the weather.

Episode 4 - Einstein
James May asks some tough questions about Albert Einstein: How did a man falling off a roof change our universe? What does E=mc2 actually mean? Who wanted Einstein for president? what happened to his brain?

Episode 5 - The Brain
With the aid of some mind-boggling animation and motion graphics, James May tries to answer to the questions: why men don't ask for directions, why your memory is so bad and the like.

Episode 6 - Evolution
James May treks into the wilderness with the natural advantage of fantastic motion graphics and vivid animation, to learn about Darwin's theory of natural selection.

Episode 7 - Speed
You may feel the need for speed, but do you really understand it properly? James May rapidly and easily explains all you need to know about speed.

Episode 8 - Engineering
James May uncovers the fascinating science of engineering, giving the real 'nuts and bolts' account of how things really work, from the wheel to the Saturn V rocket.

Episode 9 - Chemistry
Have you ever wondered if certain chemicals can make you irresistible to the opposite sex? James May tries to distill the secrets of all you need to know about chemistry.

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