Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (Season 2)

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (Season 2) is a Science Channel documentary series narrated by Morgan Freeman, seeking scientific answers to mysterious questions about the universe. The topics covered in this series in conjunction with those questions include life after death, the shape of the universe, the nature of time, extra dimensions in string theory, the speed of light, human lifespan, and astrobiology. Dealing with these topics, the series explores the latest scientific discoveries and theories from astrophysics, astrobiology, quantum mechanics and string theory.

Episode 2 - Is There an Edge to the Universe?

Episode 1 - Is There Life After Death?
This episode tries to provide the answer to the question: what happens when we die - do we simply cease to exist or do we survive in some form?

Episode 2 - Is There an Edge to the Universe?
Could it be that the universe is infinite? Is there any way to find out what the shape of the universe really is? This episode discusses whether there is a place where the universe ends.

Episode 3 - Does Time Really Exist?
This episode is about the nature of time; time is not what we think it is; new research questions the nature of time and challenges our most basic perceptions about reality.

Episode 4 - Are There More Than Three Dimensions?
Is it possible that we live in a world consisting of more than three spatial dimensions? This episode discusses extra dimensions in string theory.

Episode 5 - Is There a Sixth Sense?
Can we perceive objects and events beyond the world detected by our five senses? This episode looks at the possibility of the existence of a sixth sense through scientific evidence.

Episode 6 - How Does the Universe Work?
Is there one theory, one equation that governs every single event in our universe? This episode attempts to journey into an understanding what the universe is made of, and how we got here.

Episode 7 - Can Travel Faster Than Light?
Can we never travel faster than the speed of light as Einstein theorized? This episode shows that there could be ways to travel faster than the speed of light.

Episode 8 - Can We Live Forever?
Can humans ever beat death altogether? This episode wonders into the mystifying definition of 'eternity' as it relates to human lifespan.

Episode 9 - What Do Aliens Look Like?
Which species on Earth can give us clues about likely biology of aliens? And what can we learn from how life on Earth developed to help us understand what ET really looks like?

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