The Silk Road

The Silk Road is a documentary series created through the joint cooperation of China's CCTV and Japan's NHK, exploring China's historical sites, villages, religions and cultures along the ancient trade route. Consisting of twelve episodes, the series takes us on a journey through the Silk Road within China.

Episode 02 - A Thousand Kilometers beyond the Yellow River. The Silk Road crew leave Chan-An and reach the Yellow river. There they see huge water wheels, called Prince Zuo's wheels, used to irrigate farmlands. Then they show how the ancient traders could cross the Yellow river using goat-skin rafts. After crossing the Yellow river, they visit many historical sites along the Silk Road from the Liu-jia-Xia Valley Dam to the military castle, Jia-yu-guan: a giant Buddha at Bing-li-si, the forbidding He-xi Corridor, Zhang-ye city, the Nie-pan Buddha, The Su-nan Yu-gu Autonomous Region, and Jia-yu-guan.

Episode 02 - A Thousand Kilometers beyond the Yellow River

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