The Silk Road

The Silk Road is a documentary series created through the joint cooperation of China's CCTV and Japan's NHK, exploring China's historical sites, villages, religions and cultures along the ancient trade route. Consisting of twelve episodes, the series takes us on a journey through the Silk Road within China.

Episode 12 - Two Roads to the Pamirs. The Silk Road crew take a journey from Kashgar, via Tashkurgan in the Pamir Plateau, to the border between China and Pakistan on the Karakoram Highway, along the Silk Road route from China to Pakistan. The half of the episode is devoted to people's life in Kashgar including religion and culture. There live many different ethnic groups together in Kashgar such as Uzbeks, Uyhurs, Tajiks and Kyrgyz. Most of them are in Muslim. The Silk Road crew arrive at Kashgar at the end of Ramadan and find thousands of people praying in a mosque and also enjoying the celebration in streets. Then they explore local workshops and craftsman stores - making jewelry, musical instruments, and making pots using metals. And also they see modern truck caravan from Gilgit in Pakistan arrive, and trade: dried fruits and nuts, nylon scarves, medicine etc from Pakistan; silk, ceramics, tea, etc from China. Their journey continues to Tashkurgan in the Pamir Plateau and ends in the border between China and Pakistan on the Karakoram Highway.

Episode 12 - Two Roads to the Pamirs

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