Joanna Lumley's Nile

Joanna Lumley's Nile is a travel documentary series hosted by Joanna Lumley, exploring the longest river in the world, the River Nile, from sea to source. The river Nile stretches north to south for four thousand miles passing through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda. Travelling from sea to source and using the river for inspiration, Joanna Lumley ventures by boat, train, plane, car, donkey and camel along the River Nile. On her journey, Joanna revisits the romantic history of the Nile and talks with the people working and living on the river today.

Episode 1 - Egypt

Episode 1 - Egypt
Joanna Lumley begins her adventure on a fishing boat on Egypt's coast, where the Nile spills into the Mediterranean, before capturing the spirit of Agatha Christie in Cairo and enjoying a Nile cruise.

Episode 2 - Sudan
Joanna Lumley follows the river into the deserts of Northern Sudan, where she meets the survivor of a crocodile attack and goes in search of the creature. She is then introduced to the treasures of Nubia.

Episode 3 - Ethiopia
Joanna Lumley visits Khartoum, where she watches whirling dervishes practising their devotional dancing. Then she takes a short diversion into Ethiopia's Simien Mountains to meet an unusual group of Olympic hopefuls training in the thin air of the highlands.

Episode 4 - Rwanda
Joanna Lumley heads to the Murchison Falls in Uganda and encounters some of Africa's wildlife. Then she meets explorer Cam McLeay who takes her to the source of the Nile, high up in the Rwandan mountains.

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