Concrete Technology

Concrete Technology. Instructor: Prof. Bishwajit Bhattacharjee, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi. The course on Concrete Technology focuses on concrete making materials including supplementary cementitious materials. Concrete production process also forms a part of the discussion. Going through the course one would develop first-hand knowledge on concrete production processes and properties and uses of concrete as a modern material of construction. The courses will enable one to make appropriate decision regarding ingredient selection and use of concrete. (from

Lecture 19 - Batching and Mixing of Concrete: General Principles

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Lecture 01 - Production and Composition
Lecture 02 - Structure and Hydration
Lecture 03 - Structure and Hydration (cont.)
Lecture 04 - Properties and Tests
Lecture 05 - Types and Use
Lecture 06 - Aggregates (Size, Shape)
Lecture 07 - Aggregates (Packing, FM, SM)
Lecture 08 - Aggregates (Properties)
Chemical and Mineral Admixtures
Lecture 09 - Chemical Admixtures
Lecture 10 - Chemical Admixtures (cont.)
Lecture 11 - Mineral Admixtures
Lecture 12 - Mineral Admixtures (cont.)
Lecture 13 - Mineral Admixtures (cont.)
Concrete Mix Design
Lecture 14 - Mix Proportioning of Concrete: General Principles
Lecture 15 - Mix Design of Concrete: General and IS Method
Lecture 16 - Mix Design of Concrete: IS Example and British (DOE) Method
Lecture 17 - Mix Design of Concrete: ACI 211 Method
Lecture 18 - Mix Design of Concrete: Packing Density, Rheology
Concrete Production and Fresh Concrete
Lecture 19 - Batching and Mixing of Concrete: General Principles
Lecture 20 - RMC and Transporting Concrete
Lecture 21 - Workability and Pumping of Concrete
Lecture 22 - Compaction and Curing Concrete
Engineering Properties of Concrete
Lecture 23 - Strength of Concrete: Factors Affecting
Lecture 24 - Strength of Concrete: Aggregate Contribution
Lecture 25 - Strength of Concrete: Factors Affecting Test Results
Lecture 26 - Mechanical Properties of Concrete: Elastic Modules, Poision's Ratio
Dimensional Stability and Durability
Lecture 27 - Creep of Concrete
Lecture 28 - Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete
Lecture 29 - Shrinkage of Concrete
Lecture 30 - Shrinkage of Concrete (cont.)
Durability of Concrete
Lecture 31 - Fundamental Concepts, Degradation Process, Attacks
Lecture 32 - Frost Action and Rebar Corrosion
Lecture 33 - Carbonation and Chloride Affect
Lecture 34 - Rebar Corrosion
Lecture 35 - Rebar Corrosion and General Strategy
Special Concretes
Lecture 36 - High Strength Concrete
Lecture 37 - High Strength Matrices and SCC
Lecture 38 - Self Compacting Concrete
Lecture 39 - Fiber Concrete
Lecture 40 - Fiber and Roller Compacted Concrete
Lecture 41 - Concrete and Sustainability