Classic and Modern Data Clustering

Classic and Modern Data Clustering by Marina Meila - Machine Learning Summer School at Purdue, 2011. Clustering, or finding groups in data, is as old as machine learning itself. However, as more people use clustering in a variety of settings, the last few years we have brought unprecedented developments in this field. This tutorial will survey the most important clustering methods in use today from a unifying perspective, and will then present some of the current paradigms shifts in data clustering.

Lecture 1 - Paradigms for Clustering, Parametric Clustering Algorithms
Lecture 2 - Parametric Clustering Algorithms: Model based/soft clustering
Lecture 3 - Parametric Clustering Algorithms: EM algorithm, Issues in Parametric Clustering
Lecture 4 - Issues in Parametric Clustering, Non-Parametric Clustering
Lecture 5 - Non-Parametric Clustering
Lecture 6 - Similarity based/graph clustering
Lecture 7 - Cluster Validation
Lecture 8 - Cluster Validation, Special Topics

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