Database Management System

Database Management System. Instructor: Prof. Partha Pratim Das, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. Databases form the backbone of all major applications today - tightly or loosely coupled, intranet or internet based, financial, social, administrative, and so on. Structured Database Management Systems (DBMS) based on relational and other models have long formed the basis for such databases. Consequently, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase etc. have emerged as leading commercial systems while MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. lead in open source and free domain. While DBMSs differ in details, they share a common set of models, design paradigms and a Structured Query Language (SQL). In this background the course would examine data structures, file organizations, concepts and principles of DBMSs, data analysis, database design, data modeling, database management, data and query optimization, and database implementation. More specifically, the course introduces relational data models; entity-relationship modeling, SQL, data normalization, and database design. It would also introduce query coding practices using MySQL (or any other open system) through various assignments. Design of simple multi-tier client/server architectures based and Web-based database applications will also be introduced. (from

Course Overview

Lecture 01 - Course Overview
Lecture 02 - Introduction to Database Management System (DBMS)
Lecture 03 - Introduction to DBMS (cont.)
Lecture 04 - Introduction to Rational Model
Lecture 05 - Introduction to Rational Model: Operations, Aggregate Operations
Lecture 06 - Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)
Lecture 07 - Introduction to SQL (cont.)
Lecture 08 - Introduction to SQL: Nested Subqueries, Modification of the Database
Lecture 09 - Intermediate SQL: Join Expressions, Views, Transactions
Lecture 10 - Intermediate SQL: Integrity Constraints, SQL Data Types and Schemas, Authorization
Lecture 11 - Advanced SQL
Lecture 12 - Formal Relational Query Languages
Lecture 13 - Entity-Relationship Model
Lecture 14 - Entity-Relationship Model: E-R Diagram, E-R Model to Relational Schema
Lecture 15 - Entity-Relationship Model: Extended E-R Features, Design Issues
Lecture 16 - Relational Database Design
Lecture 17 - Relational Database Design (cont.)
Lecture 18 - Relational Database Design (cont.)
Lecture 19 - Relational Database Design (cont.)
Lecture 20 - Relational Database Design (cont.)
Lecture 21 - Application Design and Development: Database Application Programs and User Interfaces
Lecture 22 - Application Design and Development: Fundamental Notions and Technologies of Web
Lecture 23 - Application Design and Development: Servlets and Java Server Pages
Lecture 24 - Storage and File Structure: Storage
Lecture 25 - Storage and File Structure: File Structure
Lecture 26 - Indexing and Hashing
Lecture 27 - Indexing and Hashing (cont.)
Lecture 28 - Indexing and Hashing: B*-Tree Index Files, B-Tree Index Files
Lecture 29 - Indexing and Hashing: Hashing
Lecture 30 - Indexing and Hashing: Index Design
Lecture 31 - Transactions
Lecture 32 - Transactions: Serializability, Conflict Serializability
Lecture 33 - Transactions: Recoverability
Lecture 34 - Connectivity Control
Lecture 35 - Connectivity Control: Deadlock Handling, Timestamp-Based Protocols
Lecture 36 - Recovery
Lecture 37 - Recovery: Recovery Algorithm, Recovery with Early Lock Release
Lecture 38 - Query Processing and Optimization: Processing
Lecture 39 - Query Processing and Optimization: Optimization
Lecture 40 - Summary

Database Management System
Instructor: Prof. Partha Pratim Das, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. This course will discuss the importance of database management systems in modern day applications.