Electronic Circuits I

Electronic Circuits I. Instructor: Professor Behzad Razavi, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UCLA. Basics of semiconductor physics. Physics and operation of diodes and bipolar and MOS transistors. Equivalent circuits and models of semiconductor devices. Analysis and design of single-stage amplifiers. DC biasing circuits. Small-signal analysis. Operational amplifier systems.

Lecture 32 - Channel Length Modulation, Biasing, Transconductance

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Semiconductor Fundamentals and Diodes
Lecture 01 - Semiconductor Physics: Charge Carriers, Doping
Lecture 02 - Doping: N-type and P-type Semiconductors, Drift Current
Lecture 03 - Diffusion Current, Introduction to PN Junction
Lecture 04 - PN Junction in Equilibrium and Reverse Bias
Lecture 05 - PN Junction in Forward Bias, Modeling of PN Junction
Lecture 06 - Diode Models, Reverse Breakdown
Lecture 07 - Analysis of Diode Circuits I
Lecture 08 - Analysis of Diode Circuits II
Lecture 09 - Diode Circuit Examples, Practical Diode Circuits: Half-Wave Rectifiers
Lecture 10 - Half-Wave Rectifier with Different Loads
Lecture 11 - Full-Wave Rectifier
Lecture 12 - Limiting Circuits and Voltage Doublers
Bipolar Transistors
Lecture 13 - Bipolar Transistor Structure and Operation
Lecture 14 - Bipolar Transistor Characteristics
Lecture 15 - Biasing, Transconductance
Lecture 16 - I-V Characteristics of Bipolar Transistor, Large-Signal and Small-Signal Operation
Lecture 17 - Small-Signal Model of Bipolar Transistor, Early Effect
Lecture 18 - Inclusion of Early Effect in Small Signal Model, PNP Transistor
Lecture 19 - Small Signal Model of PNP Transistor, Introduction to Amplifiers
Lecture 20 - Common-Emitter Stage
Lecture 21 - Common-Emitter Stage: Input and Output Impedances
Lecture 22 - Cascaded Stages, CE Stage with Emitter Degeneration
Lecture 23 - Properties of CE Stage with Degeneration, Degenerated Current Sources
Lecture 24 - Examples of Degenerated Current Sources, Biasing Techniques I
Lecture 25 - Biasing techniques II
Lecture 26 - Common-Base Stage
Lecture 27 - Emitter Followers
Lecture 28 - Emitter Followers as Buffers and Summary
Lecture 29 - Introduction to MOSFETs
Lecture 30 - MOS Characteristics I: Derivation of I-V Characteristics
Lecture 31 - MOS Characteristics II: I-V Characteristics, Regions of Operation
Lecture 32 - Channel Length Modulation, Biasing, Transconductance
Lecture 33 - More on Transconductance, Large-Signal and Small-Signal Operation
Lecture 34 - More on Large-Signal and Small-Signal Operation, PMOS Device
Lecture 35 - CMOS Technology, Intro to CMOS Amplifiers, Common-Source Topology I
Lecture 36 - Common-Source Topology II
Lecture 37 - Common-Source Variants
Lecture 38 - CS Stage with Degeneration
Lecture 39 - I/O Impedances of CS Stage, Biasing Techniques
Lecture 40 - Common-Gate Stage
Lecture 41 - Source Followers and Summary
Op Amps
Lecture 42 - Op Amp Circuits I
Lecture 43 - Op Amp Circuits II
Lecture 44 - Nonlinear Op Amp Circuits, Op Amp Non-idealities I
Lecture 45 - Op Amp Non-idealities II