Integrated Circuits, MOSFETs, OP-Amps and their Applications

Integrated Circuits, MOSFETs, OP-Amps and their Applications. Instructor: Prof. Hardik J. Pandya, Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, IIT Bangalore. This course is a design-oriented course aimed at understanding fabrication, parameters, and specifications of integrated circuits, MOSFETs, Op-Amps as well as their applications in the Analog domain. Topics covered in this course include Integrated Circuits (IC) fabrication technology, Fabrication processes for integrated circuits, Operational amplifiers and their applications, Oscillators, Noise and its types, Analysis of data sheets of an Op-Amp, and Experiments on Op-Amps. (from

Lecture 25 - Operational Amplifier as a High-pass Filter

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Introduction to IC Fabrication Technology
Lecture 01 - Introduction to Integrated Circuits (IC) Technology
Lecture 02 - Introduction to Fabrication of IC: Substrates
Lecture 03 - Introduction to IC Fabrication
Lecture 04 - Introduction to IC Fabrication (cont.)
Lecture 05 - Introduction to the Fabrication of Sensors
Fabrication Processes for Integrated Circuits
Lecture 06 - Thermal Oxidation Process
Lecture 07 - Physical Vapor Deposition
Lecture 08 - Chemical Vapour Deposition
Lecture 09 - Photolithography
Lecture 10 - Photoresist
Lecture 11 - Process flow for Fabrication of MOSFETs
Lecture 12 - Operation of Enhancement type MOSFET
Lecture 13 - Operation of Depletion type MOSFET
Operational Amplifiers
Lecture 14 - MOSFETs Characteristics and Applications (Current Mirrors)
Lecture 15 - Introduction to Operational Amplifiers
Lecture 16 - Operational Amplifier Characteristics
Lecture 17 - Operational Amplifier Characteristics: Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
Lecture 18 - Characteristics of an Op-Amp: DC Offset Parameters
Op-Amp Applications
Lecture 19 - Operational Amplifier Configurations: Inverting Amplifier
Lecture 20 - Operational Amplifier Configurations: Non-inverting Amplifier
Lecture 21 - Applications of Operational Amplifier: Differential Amplifier
Lecture 22 - Applications of Operational Amplifier: Integrator
Lecture 23 - Applications of Operational Amplifier: Differentiator
Lecture 24 - Introduction to Passive and Active Filters and Op-Amp as Low-pass Filter
Lecture 25 - Operational Amplifier as a High-pass Filter
Lecture 26 - Operational Amplifier as a Band-pass and Band-reject Filter
Oscillators, Noise
Lecture 27 - Introduction to Oscillator
Lecture 28 - RC Phase Shift Oscillator using Op-Amp
Lecture 29 - Wein Bridge Oscillator using Op-Amp
Lecture 30 - Hartley and Colpitts Oscillators using Op-Amp
Lecture 31 - Working of Crystal Oscillators
Lecture 32 - Construction and Operation of UJT Relaxation Oscillators
Lecture 33 - Introduction to Noise and its Types
Understanding the Datasheet of Op-Amps
Lecture 34 - Analysis of Data Sheets of an Op-Amp
Lecture 35 - Analysis of Data Sheets of an Op-Amp (cont.)
Lecture 36 - Analysis of Data Sheets of an Op-Amp (cont.)
Experiments on Op-Amp
Lecture 37 - Introduction to Laboratory Equipments
Lecture 38 - Measurement of Active and Passive Elements using Multimeter
Lecture 39 - Working with Laboratory Equipments: Power Supply
Lecture 40 - Working with Laboratory Equipments: Function Generator, Oscilloscope
Lecture 41 - Op-Amp Characteristics: Input Bias Current
Lecture 42 - Op-Amp Characteristics: Input Offset Current
Lecture 43 - Op-Amp Characteristics: Input Offset Voltage
Lecture 44 - Op-Amp as Inverting Amplifier
Lecture 45 - Op-Amp as Non-inverting Amplifier
Lecture 46 - Studying Input and Output Voltage Range of an Op-Amp
Lecture 47 - Differential Amplifier using Op-Amps
Lecture 48 - Studying the Gain of Instrumentation Amplifier
Experiments on Op-Amp Applications
Lecture 49 - Summing Amplifier using Op-Amps
Lecture 50 - Studying Op-Amp based Comparator
Lecture 51 - Studying Op-Amp based Integrator and Differentiator
Lecture 52 - A Study of Passive Low-pass Filter
Lecture 53 - Op-Amp based Active Low-pass Filter
Lecture 54 - Passive and Active High-pass Filter
Lecture 55 - Introduction to Experimental Setup of Band-pass Filter
Lecture 56 - Passive and Active Band-pass Filter
Lecture 57 - Introduction to Experimental Setup for Band-reject Filter
Lecture 58 - Active Band-reject Filter
Lecture 59 - Peak Detector Circuit using Op-Amps