HIST 116: The American Revolution

Lecture 13 - Organizing a War. In this lecture, Professor Freeman discusses four difficulties that the Continental Congress faced in organizing the colonial war effort: regionalism, localism, the supply shortage that the Continental Army faced in providing for its troops, and the Continental Congress's inexperience in organizing an army. The lecture concludes with a discussion of a Connecticut newspaper from July 1776.

Lecture 13 - Organizing a War

Time Lecture Chapters
[00:00:00] 1. Introduction: Organizing a War
[00:02:54] 2. Regionalism in Leadership and Military Makeup: The Promotion of George Washington
[00:21:50] 3. Localism and Supply Shortages: Issues in Fighting for a National Cause and in Fighting with
... Proper Equipment
[00:29:31] 4. Continental Congress's Inexperience in Organizing an Army
[00:42:31] 5. Snapshot of Early Communication in the States: "The Connecticut Courant"

Lecture 13 - Organizing a War
Instructor: Professor Joanne Freeman. Resources: Connecticut Courant, July 1776 [PDF]. Transcript [html]. Audio [mp3]. Download Video [mov].

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