American Literature I

American Literature I (NYU Open Education). Instructor: Professor Cyrus Patell. This course is a survey of American literature and literary history, from the early colonial period to the eve of the Civil War. Our goal will be to acquire a grasp of the canon of American literature as it is typically conceived and the various logics behind its construction. Topics to be considered include: the rise of "literature" as a discipline unto itself; the meaning of American individualism; the conflict between liberty and equality in American social thought; the mythology of American exceptionalism; the relation between history and cultural mythology; the dialectic of freedom and slavery in American rhetoric; the American obsession with race; the ideology of domesticity and its link to the sentimental; the aesthetics of American romance; the role of biography in literary criticism and historiography; the nature of the "American Renaissance"; what it means to say "NO in thunder!" and why so many American writers seem to say it; deliberative democracy and cosmopolitanism.

Lecture 07 - American Neoclassicism

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Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - Moby-Dick (I)
Lecture 03 - The Literature of Settlement
Lecture 04 - American Puritanism (I)
Lecture 05 - American Puritanism (II)
Lecture 06 - American Puritanism (III)
Lecture 07 - American Neoclassicism
Lecture 08 - Edwards and the Transition to Enlightenment
Lecture 09 - The American Enlightenment
Lecture 10 - American Gothic (I)
Lecture 11 - American Gothic (II)
Lecture 12 - American Gothic (III)
Lecture 13 - American Transcendentalism (I)
Lecture 14 - American Transcendentalism (II)
Lecture 15 - American Transcendentalism (III)
Lecture 16 - American Transcendentalism (IV)
Lecture 17 - American Transcendentalism (V)
Lecture 18 - Frederick Douglass
Lecture 19 - Uncle Tom's Cabin (I)
Lecture 20 - Uncle Tom's Cabin (II)
Lecture 21 - Nathaniel Hawthorne (I)
Lecture 22 - Nathaniel Hawthorne (II)
Lecture 23 - Moby-Dick (II)
Lecture 24 - Moby-Dick (III)
Lecture 25 - Moby-Dick (IV)
Lecture 26 - Moby-Dick (V)