Literature and Linguistics

This is a collection of audio/video courses and lectures in literature and linguistics from educational institutions. The courses and lectures cover a variety of topics in the fields: theory of literature, world literature, modern poetry, Shakespeare, Milton, contemporary literature, American literature, creative writing, technical writing, and media studies.

Open Yale courses
Audio/video ENGL 220 - Milton
Audio/video ENGL 291 - The American Novel Since 1945
Audio/video ENGL 300 - Introduction to Theory of Literature
Audio/video ENGL 310 - Modern Poetry
Audio/video ITAL 310 - Dante in Translation
Audio/video RLST 145 - Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)
Audio/video RLST 152 - Introduction to New Testament History and Literature
Audio/video AMST 246 - Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner
Audio/video SPAN 300 - Cervantes' Don Quixote

Harvard Extension School
Video ENGL E-129 - Shakespeare After All: The Later Plays
Audio/video CLAS E-116 Concepts of the Hero in Greek Civilization and Beyond

Missouri State University on YouTube
Video LLT 180 - The Heroic Quest
Video THE 101 - Introduction to Theatre and Drama Arts

New York University - Open Education
Video American Literature I

MIT OpenCourseWare
Video/text 21L.011 - The Film Experience
Video/text 21L.432 - Understanding Television
Video/text 21L.448J - Darwin and Design

UCI OpenCourseWare
Video Education 151 - Language and Literacy

UCLA Courses on YouTube
Video Communications Studies 187 - Journalistic Ethics
Video German 59 - Holocaust in Film and Literature

UC Berkeley Webcast
Video Media Studies 104A - Freedom of Speech and the Press
Video Journalism C101 - The Rise and Future of the Food Movement
Video Journalism C103 - Telling Stories About Food and Agriculture

Arizona State University Department of English
Video Critical Analysis and Literary Readings

YouTube - UHouston's Channel (University of Houston)
Video ENGL 3312 - Literature of the Restoration & 18th Century
Video ENGL 3322 - The Contemporary Novel: Magical Realism
Video ENGL 3324 - Development of the Novel
Video ENGL 3327 - Masterpieces of British Literature to the Eighteenth Century
Video ENGL 3345 - Nobel Prize Winners in Literature
Video ENGL 3396 - Latin American History through the Novel

Podcasts from the University of Oxford
Audio Medieval English
Audio Approaching Shakespeare
Audio/video First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Audio/video Literature, Art and Oxford
Audio Not Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Jacobean Popular Theatre

NPTEL Courses
Video Contemporary Literature
Video The Renaissance and Shakespeare
Video English Language and Literature
Video American Literature and Culture
Video Literary Theory and Literary Criticism
Video Language and Mind
Video Language and Society
Video Introduction to Modern Linguistics
Video Applied Linguistics
Video Principles and Parameters in Natural Language
Video English Language for Competitive Exams
Video Technical English for Engineers
Video Better Spoken English
Video Speaking Effectively
Video Communication Skills
Video Business Communication English
Video Introduction to Film Studies
Video Film Appreciation