Convective Heat Transfer

Convective Heat Transfer. Instructor: Dr. Arup Kumar Das, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee. Convection is a major mode of heat transfer when fluid is attached with the source. Processes of convection are fundamental and linked up with fluid mechanics laws and derivations of thermodynamics. Convective heat transfer has its wide horizon spreading from flow over a flat plate under constant heat flux or constant temperature boundary conditions to thermally developing or developed flow inside a duct. Moreover convection theories will widely vary depending on medium flow field which differentiates forced flow and natural gravity driven heat transfer modes. Convective heat transfer takes a major role in phase change heat transfer as well as mass transfer analogies in chemical processes. Present course targets fundamental understanding of all these facets with derivations and mathematical examples. (from

Lecture 13 - Thermally and Hydrodynamically Developed Flow: Uniform Heat Flux

Derive conclusions for thermally fully developed flow in terms of boundary conditions. Reduce the energy equation into non dimensional form for uniform heat flux. Solve the energy equation for obtaining temperature profile in terms of bulk temperature. Determine the Nusselt number for thermally and hydrodynamically fully developed forced convection inside duct having constant heat flux.

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