Manufacturing Process I

Manufacturing Process I. Instructors: Prof. Inderdeep Singh, Dr. D. B. Karunakar, and Prof. D. K. Dwivedi, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee. The first part of this course taught by Prof. Inderdeep Singh begins with topics in powder metallurgy, and then deals with topics in sheet metal forming operations and machining processes. The second part of the course taught by Dr. D. B. Karunakar discusses topics in metal casting such as patterns, casting processes, melting furnaces and practice, and casting defects. The third and last part taught by Prof. D. K. Dwivedi covers topics in welding including shielded metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and tungsten inert gas welding. (from

Lecture 34 - Submerged Arc Welding

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Powder Metallurgy
Lecture 01 - Powder Metallurgy: Introduction, Production of Metal Powders
Lecture 02 - Powder Metallurgy: Comminution, Compaction
Lecture 03 - Powder Metallurgy (cont.)
Sheet Metal Forming Operations
Lecture 04 - Metal Forming - Fundamentals
Lecture 05 - Forging
Lecture 06 - Swaging and Wire Drawing
Lecture 07 - Sheet Metal Operations
Lecture 08 - Sheet Metal Operations (cont.)
Lecture 09 - Sheet Metal Operations (cont.)
Lecture 10 - Sheet Metal Working - Processes
Lecture 11 - Sheet Metal Working - Equipment
Lecture 12 - High Energy Rate Forming Processes
Lecture 13 - Machining Fundamentals
Lecture 14 - Machining: Machinability, Chip Formation, Chip Breakers
Lecture 15 - Machining: Cutting Forces and Power, Temperature in the Cutting Zone
Lecture 16 - Machining: Tool Condition Monitoring, Cutting Tool Materials, Cutting Fluids
Metal Casting
Lecture 17 - Brief History, Important Applications of Castings, Pattern Materials
Lecture 18 - Pattern Allowances, Types of Patterns, Core and Core Prints
Lecture 19 - Molding Sand Composition, Casting Processes: Conventional Moulding Processes
Lecture 20 - Casting Processes: Chemical Sand Moulding and Permanent Mould Processes
Lecture 21 - Special Casting Processes: Centrifugal Casting, Investment Casting, Continuous Casting
Lecture 22 - Special Casting Processes: Plaster Moulding, Squeeze Casting
Lecture 23 - Vacuum Sealed Moulding, Ceramic Shell Moulding, Slush Casting
Lecture 24 - Melting Furnaces and Practice
Lecture 25 - Gating System and Solidification
Lecture 26 - Casting Defects
Lecture 27 - Introduction to Welding
Lecture 28 - Welding Process Classification
Lecture 29 - Brazing Soldering and Braze Welding
Lecture 30 - Arc Welding Power Source
Lecture 31 - Arc Welding Power Source (cont.)
Lecture 32 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Lecture 33 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding (cont.)
Lecture 34 - Submerged Arc Welding
Lecture 35 - Gas Metal Arc Welding
Lecture 36 - Gas Metal Arc Welding (cont.)
Lecture 37 - Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
Lecture 38 - Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (cont.)
Lecture 39 - Resistance Welding Process
Lecture 40 - Reaction in Weld Region Welding Defects