Manufacturing Process II

Manufacturing Process II. Instructors: Prof. A. B. Chattopadhyay and Prof. S. Paul, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. This course covers lessons in tool geometry, mechanism of chip formation, orthogonal and oblique cutting, cutting temperature, control of cutting temperature and cutting fluid application, advanced tool materials, abrasive process, gear manufacturing, electro chemical machining, electro discharge machining, electron beam machining and laser beam machining. (from

Lecture 05 - Mechanism of Chip Formation

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Classification of Metal Removal Processes and Machine Tools
Lecture 01 - Instructional Objectives
Lecture 02 - Instructional Objectives: The Working Principles of Machine Tools
Mechanics of Machining
Lecture 03 - On Tool Geometry
Lecture 04 - Interrelations among the Tool Angles Expressed in Different Systems
Lecture 05 - Mechanism of Chip Formation
Lecture 06 - Orthogonal and Oblique Cutting under Mechanism of Machining
Lecture 07 - Use of Chip Breaker in Machining
Lecture 08 - Machining Forces and Merchant's Circle Diagram
Lecture 09 - Analytical and Experimental Determination of Cutting Forces
Lecture 10 - Dynamometers for Measuring Cutting Forces
Lecture 11 - Cutting Temperature - Causes, Effects, Assessment and Control
Lecture 12 - Control of Cutting Temperature and Cutting Fluid Application
Lecture 13 - Concept of Machinability and its Improvement
Lecture 14 - Failure of Cutting Tools and Tool Life
Lecture 15 - Conventional Cutting Tool Materials
Lecture 16 - Advanced Cutting Tool Materials
General Purpose Machine Tools
Lecture 17 - Kinematic System of Centre Lathe and its Operations
Lecture 18 - Kinematic Systems and Operations of Drilling Machines
Lecture 19 - Kinematic Systems and Operations of Milling Machines
Lecture 20 - Configuration, Kinematic System, Working Principle and Applications of Shaping Planing and Slotting Machines
Lecture 21 - Mounting of Jobs and Cutting Tools in Machine Tools
Lecture 22 - Mounting of Jobs and Cutting Tools in Machine Tools (cont.)
Lecture 23 - Construction, Operation and Tool Layout of Semiautomatic and Automatic Lathes
Lecture 23b - Use of Various Attachments used in Machine Tools
Lecture 24 - Forces Developing and Acting in Machine Tools
Lecture 25 - Estimation of Machining Time
Lecture 26 - Broaching - Principles, Systems and Applications
Abrasive Processes (Grinding)
Lecture 27 - Basic Principle, Purpose and Applications of Grinding
Lecture 28 - Abrasive Processes
Lecture 29 - Abrasive Process (Grinding)
Superfinishing Processes
Lecture 30 - Honing, Lapping and Superfinishing
Manufacturing of Screw Threads and Gears
Lecture 31 - Production of Screw Threads by Machining, Rolling and Grinding
Lecture 32 - Gear Manufacturing
Jigs and Fixtures for Machine Shops
Lecture 33 - Jigs and Fixtures for Machine Shops
Lecture 34 - Design and Applications of Jigs and Fixtures
Non-traditional Manufacturing
Lecture 35 - Non-traditional Manufacturing Introduction and Abrasive Jet Machining
Lecture 36 - Ultrasonic Machining
Lecture 37 - Water Jet Machining and Abrasive water Jet Machining
Lecture 38 - Electrochemical Machining
Lecture 39 - Electro-discharge Machining
Lecture 40 - Electron Beam Machining and Laser Beam Machining