Microfluidics. Instructor: Dr. Ashis Kumar Sen, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras. This is a basic course on microfluidics at the senior undergraduate and post-graduate level. It covers fundamentals of micro-scale flows and microfabrication. The course also includes design of microfluidic components and few applications of microfluidic systems. The fundamentals of fluid flows at micro-scale including intermolecular forces, low Re flows, slip theory, capillary flows and electrokinetics are discussed. The principles of microfabrication with silicon and polymer substrates are illustrated. Theory and design of various microfluidic components including micropumps, micromixers, microvalves etc is discussed. Few applications of microfluidic systems are also covered. (from

Lecture 16 - Electroosmotic Flow with Back Pressure (cont.), Electroosmotic Micropump

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Lecture 01 - Introduction and Scaling
Lecture 02 - Scaling
Microscale Fluid Mechanics
Lecture 03 - Intermolecular Forces, States of Matter, Continuum Assumption
Lecture 04 - Governing Equations for Gas and Liquid Flows, Navier Boundary Conditions in Slip Theory
Lecture 05 - Slip Flow, Reynolds Number Flows, Exact Solutions to Some Basic Flow Situations
Lecture 06 - Couette Flow, Poiseuille Flow
Lecture 07 - Poiseuille Flow (cont.)
Lecture 08 - Two Phase Poiseuille Flow, Time-dependent Couette Flow
Lecture 09 - Hydraulic Resistance and Circuit Analysis
Lecture 10 - Hydraulic Resistance of 2 Channels Connected in Series
Capillary Flows
Lecture 11 - Surface Tension and Interfacial Energy, Young-Laplace Equation, Contact Angle
Lecture 12 - Capillary Length and Capillary Rise
Lecture 13 - Interfacial Boundary Conditions, Marangoni Force, Electrokinetics
Lecture 14 - Electroosmosis: Electrical Double Layer, Debye Huckel Approximation
Lecture 15 - Ideal Electroosmotic Flow, Electroosmotic Flow with Back Pressure
Lecture 16 - Electroosmotic Flow with Back Pressure (cont.), Electroosmotic Micropump
Lecture 17 - Cascade Electroosmotic Micropump (cont.), Electrophoresis, Dielectrophoresis
Lecture 18 - Dipole in an Electric Field, Dielectrophoretic Force
Lecture 19 - Dielectrophoresis Particle Trapping, AC Dielectrophoresis
Lecture 20 - Electrokinetics and Magnetophoresis
Microfabrication Techniques
Lecture 21 - Materials, Clean Room, Silicon Crystallography, Miller Indices, Photolithography
Lecture 22 - Photolithography (cont.), Oxidation, Etching, Wafer Bonding, Deposition Techniques
Lecture 23 - Deposition Techniques: Doping, Oxidation, Thermal Evaporation
Lecture 24 - Sputtering, Chemical Vapour Deposition, Bulk Micromachining
Lecture 25 - Surface Micromachining, Polymer based Fabrication
Lecture 26 - PMMA/PDMS Substrates, Micromolding, Hot Embossing, Fluidic Interconnections
Microfluidics Components
Lecture 27 - Overview of Micropumps, Check-valve Pumps
Lecture 28 - Valve-less Pumps, Rotary Micropumps, Ultrasonic Pumps, EHD Pumping
Lecture 29 - Electrokinetic Micropump, Magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) Pumps
Lecture 30 - Capillary Filling Process, Transpiration Cooling, Peristaltic Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps
Lecture 31 - Overview of Microvalves, Pneumatic Microvalves, Thermopneumatic Microvalves
Lecture 32 - Thermomechanical valves, Bimetallic Valves, Piezoelectric Valves
Lecture 33 - Electrostatic Valves, Electromagnetic Valves, Electrochemical Valves
Lecture 34 - Micro Flow Sensors: Differential Pressure Flow Sensors, etc.
Lecture 35 - Examples of Micro Flow Sensors, Micro Mixers: Physics of Mixing
Lecture 36 - Micro Mixers: Sequential Lamination, Sequential Segmentation
Lecture 37 - Micro Droplets: Kinetics of a Droplet, Dynamics of a Droplet, Droplet Formation
Lecture 38 - Micro Reactors
Lecture 39 - Micro Needles and Microparticle Separation
Lecture 40 - Few Applications of Microfluidics
Lecture 41 - Lab Demo