Quantum Field Theory

Tobias Osborne is a researcher in quantum information theory based at the Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Leibniz Universitat Hannover. Tobias gives a course on quantum field theory. This course is intended for theorists with familiarity with advanced quantum mechanics and statistical physics. The main objective is to introduce the building blocks of quantum electrodynamics.

Lecture 01 - What a Relativistic Theory Is
Lecture 02 - Classical Field Theory and the Least-Action Principle
Lecture 03 - Symmetries in Classical Field Theory and the Noether's Theorem
Lecture 04 - Field Quantisation
Lecture 05 - Building and Solving the Quantum Scalar Field
Lecture 06 - Causality in the Context of Our Solution of the Quantum Klein-Gordon Field
Lecture 07 - Representing Symmetries in Quantum Field Theory
Lecture 08 - Interactions
Lecture 09 - Interactions and Feynman Diagrams
Lecture 10 - Feynman Diagrams for φ4 Theory
Lecture 11 - Feynman Rules and Vacuum Bubbles
Lecture 12 - The S-Matrix for φ4 Theory
Lecture 13 - Review: the Feynman Diagram Expansion for Scattering Amplitudes ...
Lecture 14 - The Dirac Field
Lecture 15 - The Dirac Equation and its Solution
Lecture 16 - The Quantum Dirac Field
Lecture 17 - Solving the Quantum Dirac Field
Lecture 18 - Quantum Field Theory for Interacting Fermions and Bosons

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