Newspapers and News Magazines - Americas

This provides a collection of links to newspapers and news magazines in English language from countries of the Americas - the United States, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela.

The United States

AP (Associated Press) is an American news agency, which is a cooperative owned by its contributing newspapers, radio and television stations in the United States.

USA Today is a national American daily newspaper. It is known for synthesizing news down to easy-to-read-and-comprehend stories.

The New York Times, founded in 1851, is one of largest-circulating daily newspapers in the United States. It is published in New York City and distributed internationally.

The Boston Globe is an American daily newspaper based in Boston, Massachusetts. It has been owned by The New York Times Company since 1993.

The Washington Post is an American daily newspaper based in Washington, D.C.. Located in the capital city of the United States, it has a particular emphasis on national politics.

Chicago Tribune is an American daily newspaper based in Chicago, Illinois. It is the most read daily newspaper of the Chicago metropolitan area and the Great Lakes region.

Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles, California, since 1881. It brings breaking news on Southern California, world, business, movies, and technology.

The Arizona Republic is an American daily newspaper published in Phoenix. Circulated throughout Arizona, it is the state's largest newspaper.

Houston Chronicle is the biggest-selling daily newspaper in Texas, USA. It brings breaking news on Texas, business, sports, and entertainment.

The Anchorage Daily News is a daily newspaper based in Anchorage, Alaska, in the United States. It brings the latest news on Alaska and breaking news around the country.

The Huffington Post is an liberal or leftist American news website, content aggregator, and blog - founded as an alternative to existing conservative online media outlets.

Slate is a daily magazine on the Web. Founded in 1996, it is a general-interest publication offering analysis and commentary about politics, news, business, technology, and culture.

Time Magazine is a weekly American news magazine, which brings in depth news stories from the United States and the world. It was the first weekly news magazine in the United States.

Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine published in New York City. It is distributed throughout the United States and internationally.

The New Yorker is a weekly American magazine of reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry.

The Atlantic is an American magazine founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1857. It covers news and analysis on politics, business, culture, and technology.


The Globe and Mail is a nationally distributed Canadian newspaper, based in Toronto. It is widely described as Canada's English-language newspaper of record.

Toronto Star is Canada's highest-circulation newspaper, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It brings breaking news from Canada and the world.

The Gazette, or Montreal Gazette, is one of the oldest newspapers on the North American continent, founded in 1778. It is the only English-language daily newspaper published in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The Vancouver Sun is an English-language broadsheet newspaper published in British Columbia, Canada. It brings the latest news on Vancouver, Canada and around the world.

The Huffington Post Canada brings the latest Canadian and world news covering politics, business, lifestyle and the viral web.

Costa Rica

The Tico Times is the oldest English-language newspaper in Central America. It is a weekly, printed each Friday and distributed internationally: the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. is an independent news media portal featuring news of Costa Rica, Central America, Latin America and other wonderful and weird stuff.


Buenos Aires News is a stand-alone site covering news of the area, including stories from around the region and beyond. It provides international headlines, business and finance stories, and foreign exchange rates.

Buenos Aires Times is an English-language newspaper which provides news from Argentina and beyond. News, analysis, politics, finance, economy, culture, sports and more.


The Santiago Times is an English-language newspaper published in Santiago, Chile that reports news in Chile and the other parts of Latin America.


Andina is a news agency owned by the Peruvian government, covering Latin America and the world at large.


Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN) is the national news agency of Venezuela. It reports on national and regional issues, as well as on Latin America in general.