Life on the Reef

Life on the Reef is a three-part nature documentary series, following those who live in one of the most extraordinary places on the planet, Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Australia's Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest living structure and one of the richest and most complex natural ecosystems on Earth. To some, this place is full of mystery and hardship, an alien world full of bizarre, beautiful and deadly creatures. To others, however, it's home.

Episode 1 - Winter

Episode 1 - Winter
Tourists flock to the reef as humpback whales arrive to give birth; fire destroys a luxury yacht and a critical salvage mission is launched; and 20,000 green sea turtles arrive to nest at the biggest turtle rookery on Earth.

Episode 2 - Spring
Spring brings an explosion of life to the reef as corals spawn, sea birds nest, and turtle hatchlings erupt over the beaches in tens of thousands. Manta rays swoop in to feed on the nutrient rich seas.

Episode 3 - Summer
It's summer, the change of season. Animal and human residents prepare as a Category 5 cyclone threatens the coast. How will the reef respond to threats that challenge its delicate balance?

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