How the Universe Works (Season 1)

Have you ever wondered exactly how our Universe is put together? How is it built? And how it actually works? How the Universe Works is a Discovery Channel documentary series narrated by Mike Rowe, providing a guide to the cosmos from the big bang to galaxies, stars, planets and moons. Consisting of eight episodes, this series investigates the nuts and bolts of our cosmos, exploring a whole range of fascinating celestial phenomena and how they came to be the way they are.

Episode 1 - Stars

Episode 1 - Stars
In the Universe's giant furnaces stars are being born. See how their creation changed the cosmos forever, leading to planets and life itself.

Episode 2 - Black Holes
For many years Black Holes were believed to be myths, but modern astronomy is proving the reality of the most powerful destroyers in the Universe.

Episode 3 - Big Bang
How did the universe come into existence out of nothing? Witness how it grew from a miniscule point, smaller than an atomic particle, to the vast cosmos we see today.

Episode 4 - Galaxies
Witness the evolution of galaxies; from clouds of cold gas floating in the voids of space 13 billion years ago, to the magnificent spirals that fill our night.

Episode 5 - Solar Systems
Explore the violent formation of our solar system, and look forward to its eventual death. And, what do other planetary systems around far-flung stars look like?

Episode 6 - Planets
From giant burning gas spheres to icy orphaned worlds wandering in interstellar space, explore the strange planets that inhabit the vast spread of the universe.

Episode 7 - Moons
Are moons the most likely place to find life beyond the Earth? Explore the 300 that lie within our solar system which might give an idea of the Earth's turbulent past.

Episode 8 - Supernovas
Life is created in unimaginably large explosions called supernovas, scattering the elements formed in the heart of stars. What can they teach us about our origins?

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