Your Inner Fish

Your Inner Fish is a three-part documentary series hosted by Neil Shubin, revealing that the human body is a throwback to our prehistoric ancestors.

How did your body become the complicated, quirky, amazing machine it is today? Anatomist Neil Shubin uncovers the answers in this new look at human evolution. Using fossils, embryos and genes, he reveals how our bodies are the legacy of ancient fish, reptiles and primates - the ancestors you never knew were in your family tree.

Episode 1 - Your Inner Fish

Episode 1 - Your Inner Fish
Neil Shubin journeys back to a time, some 375 million years ago, when the first fish crawled up onto land. Shubin's quest for the fossil record of this primeval predecessor takes viewers from highway cuts in rural Pennsylvania to the remote Arctic.

Episode 2 - Your Inner Reptile
Neil Shubin exposes our reptilian roots. He searches for our ancient ancestors at fossil sites in the Karoo Desert of South Africa and on the tidal flats of Nova Scotia.

Episode 3 - Your Inner Monkey
Neil Shubin delves into our primate past. He travels from the badlands of Ethiopia, where the famous hominid skeletons "Lucy" and "Ardi" were found, to a forest canopy in Florida, home to modern primates.

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