Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire is a dramatized documentary series telling the story of the rise and fall of Ancient Rome through the six critical moments. The series reveals how Rome rose, how it became great, and how it fell, through the story of great soldiers, huge battles and doomed rebells of the time. The series consists of six episodes, and each of the episodes deals with a different critical moment in the history of the Roman Empire: Julius Caesar, Nero, the Jewish revolt, Tiberius Gracchus, Constantine, and Rome's collapse.

Episode 1 - Caesar

Episode 1 - Caesar
This episode tells the story of the most famous Roman of all - Julius Caesar: how he risked everything to tear down the government he served and bring revolution to Rome.

Episode 2 - Nero
This episode focuses on Nero; what happened when the most powerful man on Earth lost his mind and brought the Empire to the brink of destruction.

Episode 3 - Rebellion
This episode tells the story of the Jewish revolt - one of the greatest rebellions in the history of the Roman Empire.

Episode 4 - Revolution
This episode focuses on Tiberius Gracchus who believed in the ideals of the Roman Republic - fairness, decency and justice for everyone.

Episode 5 - Constantine
This episode tells the story of how the Emperor Constantine brought Christianity to the western world.

Episode 6 - The Fall of Rome
At the start of the 5th century AD Rome was under siege, threatened by a vast army of Goths, forty-thousand of them were poised at the city's gates. Rome was defenceless.

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