The Roman Empire in the First Century

The Roman Empire in the First Century is a PBS documentary series narrated by Sigourney Weaver, exploring the first hundred years of the Roman Empire. Two thousand years ago, Rome ruled the world from England to Africa and from Syria to Spain. The series looks at the Roman emperors of the time, including Augustus who was Rome's first emperor, Tiberius who was Augustus's successor, Claudius who became reluctantly to power after Caligula's murder, and Nero who brought the empire to the point of collapse. And also the series provides interesting information about everyday life in the Roman empire as well as a detailed look at important historical figures of the time. (from

Episode 1 - Order from Chaos

Episode 1 - Order from Chaos
Rome rises under Caesar Augustus' compassion and violence.

Episode 2 - Years of Trial
Caligula grips Rome in fear; Judea's religious and political establishment finds Jesus a threat.

Episode 3 - Winds of Change
Claudius rules; Britain battles Roman legions; in Judea, Paul tells of Jesus; Rome verges on disaster under Nero's reign.

Episode 4 - Years of Eruption
Rival generals fight for control in Rome; Mount Vesuvius erupts; Emperor Trajan expands the empire.

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