Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire

Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire is a History Channel documentary series telling the compelling history of the Roman Empire from around 114 BC to the eventual fall of the Empire. The series consists of 13 episodes, each of which focuses on one of the Roman Empire's military campaigns and battles with the Germanic, Britannic and other barbarian tribes. With dramatic re-enactments and vivid recreations of the living environment of the time, the series explores how the Roman Empire became the largest and most powerful in history and why it eventually collapsed.

Episode 01 - The First Barbarian War
Episode 02 - Spartacus
Episode 03 - Julius Caesar
Episode 04 - The Forest of Death
Episode 05 - The Invasion of Britain
Episode 06 - The Dacian Wars
Episode 07 - Rebellion and Betrayal
Episode 08 - Constantine the Great
Episode 09 - The Soldiers' Emperor
Episode 10 - Wrath of the Gods
Episode 11 - The Barbarian General
Episode 12 - The Puppet Master
Episode 13 - The Last Emperor

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