Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire

Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire is a History Channel documentary series telling the compelling history of the Roman Empire from around 114 BC to the eventual fall of the Empire. The series consists of 13 episodes, each of which focuses on one of the Roman Empire's military campaigns and battles with the Germanic, Britannic and other barbarian tribes. With dramatic re-enactments and vivid recreations of the living environment of the time, the series explores how the Roman Empire became the largest and most powerful in history and why it eventually collapsed.

Episode 01 - The First Barbarian War

Episode 01 - The First Barbarian War
A barbarian horde known as the Cimbri smashes through the northern imperial border. One humiliating defeat follows another, with losses of hundreds of thousands of Roman legionaries.

Episode 02 - Spartacus
When Roman generals Pompey and Crassus lead their mighty legions of soldiers and mercenaries into the lands surrounding Italy, neither could anticipate the turmoil caused by one bold mercenary: Spartacus.

Episode 03 - Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar, desperate for fame and honor, embarks on a brutal decade long campaign to annex Gaul and build his own reputation. His aristocratic rivals try to stop him, but he is an expert manipulator.

Episode 04 - The Forest of Death
As the Roman Empire expands its reaches into what is now Germany, its legions are faced with ferocious Germanic tribesmen.

Episode 05 - The Invasion of Britain
It is 47 AD. The new emperor Claudius has lost the respect of those he seeks to rule. He can only hang onto his throne by waging a spectacular conquest.

Episode 06 - The Dacian Wars
Despite the Empire's successes, the extensive military campaigns begin to take their toll on Rome's finances. When Dacian tribes ravage Roman lands, the unpopular Emperor Domitian is forced to raise taxes.

Episode 07 - Rebellion and Betrayal
Marcus Aurelius inherits the empire at its peak. Peace and prosperity have reigned for a hundred years, and the imperial boundaries stretch from the Irish Sea to the sands of Syria. But the greater Rome grows, the bigger a target she becomes.

Episode 08 - Constantine the Great
Constantine slowly gains control of the entire Roman Empire and establishes a new capital in the east. Along the way, he has a vision that will change the course of western civilization forever.

Episode 09 - The Soldiers' Emperor
As the Empire divides against itself, one extraordinary man rises from the rank of soldier to become emperor in Rome. His name is Aurelian.

Episode 10 - Wrath of the Gods
It is the beginning of the third century and Rome is in crisis. Ravaged by civil war and foreign invasions, it now faces an even greater challenge - the new religion of Christianity.

Episode 11 - The Barbarian General
As Alaric seeks to find a home for his people in the Empire and Stilicho fights to protect that empire from new enemies, the two men cross paths, sometimes as allies, sometimes as enemies.

Episode 12 - The Puppet Master
In 450 AD, Rome is a mere shadow of its former self. Gone is the superior civilisation and great expanses of land. Now, Roman rulers are at the mercy of their barbarian invaders.

Episode 13 - The Last Emperor
In the middle of the fifth century, as the Empire fights a losing battle against its formidable barbarian opponents, one Roman named Orestes finds service in the court of Attila the Hun.

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