Rome Revealed (or When Rome Ruled)

Rome Revealed (or When Rome Ruled) is a National Geographic documentary series narrated by Kieran Bew, looking at every aspect of Roman life using interviews and dramatic reconstructions to recreate the empire's epic history. Consisting of eight episodes and featuring the latest discoveries, Rome Revealed investigates the infamous assassination of Julius Caesar; tells the story about the city that once ruled the world; looks at the destruction of Pompeii; relives the centuries of innovation and endurance that created Ancient Rome; recreates the bloody sporting spectacle of the gladiators in the Colosseum; examines the technological advances of the Roman legion; explores whether Caligula was really the insane tyrant history suggests; and tells the story of the rise of Christianity.

Episode 1 - Killing Caesar

Episode 1 - Killing Caesar
Follow the meteoric rise and grisly fall of Julius Caesar, whose combination of genius, ego and ambition changed the Greco-Roman world forever.

Episode 2 - Ancient Spuerpower
For over 500 years, Rome could lay claim to being the centre of the world. How did one city acquire such an extraordinary wealth of power?

Episode 3 - Doomsday Pompeii
New findings reveal stories of the everyday people caught up in one of the best-known natural disasters in history: the eruption of Vesuvius.

Episode 4 - Heart of the Empire
It was the most advanced civilisation on earth, but how was Rome itself changed from swampy marsh to imperial capital?

Episode 5 - Blood in the Sand
Archaeological evidence and eyewitness accounts recreate the Colosseum's opening night, featuring beast fights, executions and a legendary duel.

Episode 6 - Power of the Legion
Go inside the ancient war machine that was the legion army, the most deadly and disciplined force in the classical world.

Episode 7 - Madness of Caligula
Portrayed by history as a cruel madman, was Caligula really insane - or just a product of an utterly unstable world?

Episode 8 - Christianity Rising
Originally viewed as a mysterious cult, find out how Christianity came to be accepted as the official religion of the Roman empire.

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