Walking the Himalayas

Walking the Himalayas is a five-part documentary series following explorer Levison Wood who sets out to walk the length of the world's highest mountain range, from Afghanistan to Bhutan. From the start in Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor to the end of the journey in Bhutan, over the course of six months, Levison Wood and his trusted guides trek 1,700 gruelling miles across the roof of the world. Levison recounts the beauty and danger he found along the Silk Road route of Afghanistan, the Line of Control between Pakistan and India, the disputed territories of Kashmir and the earthquake ravaged lands of Nepal.

Episode 1 - Afghanistan to Northern Pakistan

Episode 1 - Afghanistan to Northern Pakistan
Levison and his guide Malang start their trek in Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor, where few Westerners have been, before heading for the 5000-metre wall of snow and ice that leads to northern Pakistan.

Episode 2 - Northern Pakistan to India
Levison and Malang traverse breathtaking scenery in northern Pakistan's remote mountain valleys, meeting tribespeople and nomads, before heading to the heavily militarised frontier with India.

Episode 3 - Nepal
Levison reaches Nepal, and enters one of its least explored national parks, which is home to rhinos, tigers and 10-foot-long crocodiles. But animals aren't the only dangers he faces...

Episode 4 - Nepal to Bhutan
After recovering from the car crash that almost killed him, Levison returns to Nepal, where he has an emotional reunion with Binod's family, then heads towards Everest, Kathmandu and Bhutan.

Episode 5 - Bhutan
Levison and Binod reach Bhutan, where visitor numbers are strictly limited. They get a rare chance to experience its dramatic scenery, colourful festivals and historic monasteries and meet its people.

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