EE 140: Analog Integrated Circuits

Electrical Engineering 140: Analog Integrated Circuits (Spring 2012, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Professor Clark Tu-Cuong Nguyen. Linear Integrated Circuits - Single and multiple stage transistor amplifiers. Operational amplifiers. Feedback amplifiers, 2-port formulation, source, load, and feedback network loading. Frequency response of cascaded amplifiers, gain-bandwidth exchange, compensation, dominant pole techniques, root locus. Supply and temperature independent biasing and references.

Admin & Overview

Lecture 01 - Admin & Overview, Op Amps
Lecture 02 - Device Models I: Bipolar Junction Transistor Modeling
Lecture 03 - Device Models II: BJT Modeling, MOS Transistors
Lecture 04 - Inspection Analysis
Lecture 06 - Amplifier Bode Plot, Frequency Response Inspection Analysis
Lecture 07 - Frequency Response Inspection Analysis, Short Circuit Time Constant
Lecture 10 - High Swing Current Sources II
Lecture 11 - Current Source Matching
Lecture 12 - Op Amps & Emitter Coupled Pair
Lecture 13 - Source Coupled Pair and Current Mirror Loads (No video for first 35 mins)
Lecture 14 - SCP and Current Mirror Loads, Input Offset Voltage
Lecture 16 - High Gain Op Amps
Lecture 18 - Output Stages, Stability
Lecture 21 - Compensation: Narrowbanding & Pole-Splitting, Choosing Cc
Lecture 22 - Choosing Cc, CMOS Op Amp Compensation
Lecture 23 - Practical Compensation: RHP Zero, Nulling the RHP Zero
Lecture 24 - Slew Rate, Settling Time, Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR)
Lecture 25 - Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR), Feedback Configurations
Lecture 26 - Feedback Z (Impedance)
Lecture 27 - Feedback by Inspection

EE 140 - Analog Integrated Circuits, Spring 2012
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