The Evolution of Human Biodiversity

This is a series of videos on the evolution of human biodiversity from CARTA (Center for Academic Research & Training in Anthropogeny). They talk about the biodiversity in great apes, local adaptations, South American human biodiversity, human immune system diversity, large-scale variation in human genomic DNA, the neurobiology of human cognition, and how evolutionary processes and demographic history have shaped patterns of genetic variation among humans.

Local Adaptation. Sarah Tishkoff, University of Pennsylvania geneticist, collects DNA samples from a cross-section of Africa's many ethnic groups to shed light on local adaptations.

2. Local Adaptation

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1. Great Ape Biodiversity
2. Local Adaptation
3. Population Genetic Inference in the Personal Genome Era
4. South American Human Biodiversity
5. Human Immune System Diversity
6. Human Genome Structural Variation
7. Biodiversity in the Human Brain
8. Race, Ancestry, and Genomics