Public Lectures - Biology and Evolution


A Neanderthal Perspective on Human Origins
A Taste for Insects
Acidifying the Ocean: Assessing Impacts on Coral Reefs
Algae: The World's Most Important Plants
Ancient DNA and Human Evolution
Are Genes the Software of Life?
Armed and Armored: The Amazing Evolutionary Story of the Crustaceans


Behaviorally Modern Humans: The Origin of Us
Breathless Through Time: How Oxygen Can Alter Evolution and Adaptation of Life in the Ocean
Bug World: Sex, Violence and a Cast of Billions


Chromosome Dynamics During Meiosis
Circadian Clocks
Corals and Coral Reefs


Darwin Evolving
Darwin's Legacy
Design by Evolution: Engineering Biology in the 21st Century
Developmental Biology of a Simple Organism
Domestication and Human Evolution


Epigenetics and Your Genome: Development, Disease and Behavior
Epigenetics: How Genes and Environment Interact
Epigenetics: Why Your DNA Isn't Enough
Ethics of Human Gene Editing


Fruits of the Genome Sequences


Genetics as Revolution
Genetics, Epigenetics, and Disease


Homo Sapiens, an Endangered Species
How Animal Cultures Extend the Scope of Biology
How DNA is Folded in Cells and Why it Matters
How do Plants Know When to Flower?
How (and Why) to Clone a Mammoth
Human-Climate Interactions and Evolution: Past and Future
Human Origins: Lessons from Autism Spectrum Disorders


Implications of Anthropogeny for Medicine and Health


Life in the Extreme: The Rock Bottom of Antarctica's Food Chain
Life in the Universe
Living Together: The Symbiosis of Host-microbial Interactions


Male Aggression and Violence in Human Evolution
Manta Rays: Majestic and Threatened Icons
Microbial Diversity and Evolution


Ocean Acidification: Can Corals Cope?
Origins of Genus Homo
Origins of Us: Human Anatomy and Evolution


Plant Development
Plant Development and Its Implications for Human and Global Health
Protein Synthesis


RNA Processing
RNA Structure, Function and Recognition


Science Matters
Small but Mighty: Evolution of the Mantis Shrimp Strike


The Amazing Diversity of Fishes
The Dynamic Genome
The Ecological Function of Apex Predators
The Evolution of Human Biodiversity
The Evolution of Human Nutrition
The Evolution of Limbs from Fins
The Evolving Human Microbiome
The Great Transitions in Evolution
The Life of Eukaryotic mRNA
The Molecular Biology of Gene Regulation
The Origin of Life on Earth
The Origin of Vertebrates
The Rules that Govern Life on Earth
The Superorganism
The Upright Ape: Bipedalism and Human Origins


Under the Sea
Unique Features of Human Skin
Unwinding Clock Genetics
Using Genomes to Track the Evolution of Life on Earth and Beyond


What Genomes Can Tell Us About the Past
Where did We All Come From? Tracing Human Migration Using Genetic Markers
Wings, Legs, and Fins: How Do New Organs Arise in Evolution?