Advanced Control Systems

Advanced Control Systems. Instructor: Prof. Somabath Majhi, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, IIT Guwahati. This course introduces the fundamental concepts, principles and application of advanced control system analysis and design. Topics covered in this course include configurations of controllers, time and frequency domain performance measures, PID control of SISO systems and TITO systems, PID controller, PI-PD control, effects of measurement noise and load disturbances, plant model identification, frequency domain based identification, offline and online identification, accuracy of identification and sensitivity, time domain based identification, state space based identification methods, accuracy of identification and sensitivity, model based controller design, model-free controller design, automatic and online tuning of controllers, and real time applications of the control algorithms. (from

Lecture 26 - Identification Procedures

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Model Based Controller Design
Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - Control Structures and Performance Measures
Lecture 03 - Time and Frequency Domain Performance Measures
Lecture 04 - Design of Controller
Lecture 05 - Design of Controller for SISO System
Lecture 06 - Controller Design for TITO Processes
Lecture 07 - Limitations of PID Controllers
Lecture 08 - PI-PD Controller for SISO System
Lecture 09 - PID-P Controller for Two Input Two Output System
Lecture 10 - Effects of Measurement Noise and Load
Frequency Domain based Identification
Lecture 11 - Identification of Dynamic Models of Plants
Lecture 12 - Relay Control System for Identification
Lecture 13 - Offline Identification of Process Dynamics
Lecture 14 - Online Identification of Plant Dynamics
Time Domain based Identification
Lecture 15 - State Space based Identification
Lecture 16 - State Space Analysis of Systems
Lecture 17 - State Space based Identification of Systems, Part 1
Lecture 18 - State Space based Identification of Systems, Part 2
Lecture 19 - Identification of Simple Systems
Lecture 20 - Identification of FOPDT Model
Lecture 21 - Identification of Second Order plus Dead Time Model
Lecture 22 - Identification of SOPDT Model
Lecture 23 - Steady State Gain from Asymmetrical Relay Test
Lecture 24 - Identification of SOPDT Model with Pole Multiplicity
Lecture 25 - Existence of Limit Cycle for Unstable System
Lecture 26 - Identification Procedures
Lecture 27 - Identification of Underdamped Systems
Lecture 28 - Offline Identification of TITO Systems
Lecture 29 - Online Identification of TITO Systems
Lecture 30 - Review of Time Domain based Identification
Lecture 31 - DF based Analytical Expressions for Online Identification
Lecture 32 - Model Parameter Accuracy and Sensitivity
Lecture 33 - Improved Identification using Fourier Series and Wavelet Transform
Lecture 34 - Reviews of DF based Identification
Design of Controllers
Lecture 35 - Advanced Smith Predictor Controller
Lecture 36 - Design of Controllers for the Advanced Smith Predictor
Lecture 37 - Model-Free Controller Design
Lecture 38 - Model based PID Controller Design I
Lecture 39 - Model based PI-PD Controller Design II
Lecture 40 - Tuning of Reconfigurable PID Controllers