Learn Through Videos: Engineering

This is a collection of links to educational videos related to engineers and engineering, which are made for a general audience. The videos contained cover a variety of topics on engineering; some of them explore the engineering feats accomplished by some of the great civilizations in history; some tell the history of electronic digital computers; some look at how engineers and designers use historic inventions and clues from the natural world in ingenious ways to develop new buildings and machines; and some deal with industrial design, product design, and our relationship with the manufactured objects that surround us.

Leonardo da Vinci
This is a three-part BBC documentary series telling the life story of Leonardo da Vinci who was not only a great artist, but also a great inventor, engineer and anatomist.

Secrets of Lost Empires
This attempts to reveal secrets of ancient architects and engineers through Pharaoh's Obelisk, Easter Island's big statues, Roman public bathhouse, and China's Rainbow bridges.

Ancient Inventions
This is a BBC documentary series presented by Terry Jones, looking at great inventions of the ancient world and their influences in our modern world.

What the Ancients Did for Us
This is a BBC documentary series presented by Adam Hart-Davis that examines the impact of ancient civilizations on modern society.

Nature Tech
This is a documentary series exploring biomimetics, the science of looking to nature for answers to modern problems.

Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature
A documentary series that reveals secret animal abilities from the natural world, and discovers how those same animals have inspired a series of unlikely human inventions at the very frontiers of science.

How to Build a Satellite
This film follows manufacturer Astrium as they build a state-of-the-art communication satellite, and shows how to assemble one of the most complicated machines in the world.

Space Shuttle
This documentary is narrated by William Shatner, and is about the origins and history of the Space Shuttle Program.

Battle of the X-Planes
This film goes behind the scenes to show the world's newest fighter taking shape, as Boeing and Lockheed Martin compete to win the largest contract in military history.

Great Planes - Boeing 747
This film explores the evolution of the classic 747 models - the roots of Jet-airline technology and Boeing's race to create the world's first jumbo jet.

Airbus A380 - The Giant of the Skies
This documentary tells the story behind making the Airbus A380, the world's biggest and heaviest airliner ever built.

How to Build a Jumbo Jet Engine: Rolls-Royce
This is the story of the thousands of people who design, build and test engines at Rolls-Royce's manufacturing plants in Derby and across the UK.

Pirates of Silicon Valley
This is a 1999 docudrama directed by Martyn Burke, documenting the rise of the home computer (personal computer) through the rivalry between Apple Computer and Microsoft.

Steve Jobs
This is a collection of links to documentaries related to Steve Jobs who was an American computer entrepreneur and innovator.

Micro Men
Micro Men is a BBC docudrama set in the late 1970s and 1980s, about the rise of the British home computer market, featuring the rivalry between Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry.

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