Learn Through Videos: Engineering

This is a collection of links to educational videos related to engineers, inventors, engineering and technology, which are made for a general audience. The videos listed in this collection cover a variety of topics in engineering and technology. They explore the engineering feats accomplished by some of the great civilizations in history; tell the history of electronic digital computers; look at how engineers and designers use historic inventions and clues from the natural world in ingenious ways to develop new buildings and machines; deal with industrial design, product design, and our relationship with the manufactured objects that surround us; and explore the scientific breakthroughs and future technologies that will transform our lives.

Cars: Past, Present, and Future
The past, present, and future of the automobile is explored, bridging the humanities, social sciences, design, and engineering, and taking up the human experiences of designing, making, driving, being driven, living with, and dreaming of the automobile.

James May's Cars of the People
This is a BBC television series hosted by James May, looking at how the car became an everyday part of people's lives.

Building Cars Live
Buckle up for an incredible journey into the fascinating secret world of the car factory. Every 68 seconds a brand new car drives off the production line at the MINI Plant in Oxford.

Henry Ford
This is a collection of eBooks, audiobooks and films about Henry Ford (1863-1947) - an American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company.

Car Tech of the Future
We talk to auto industry engineers, designers, historians, and futurists, and meet carmakers standing at the threshold of a brave new automotive world.

Car of the Future
This looks at what it will take to make our autos more energy-efficient and secure a sustainable future for our environment.

Secret Life of Machines (Series 2)
How does a car work? And how about an internal combustion engine, a quartz watch, a telephone, a radio set, and a video recorder?

Locomotion: Dan Snow's History of Railways
This is a three-part BBC documentary series presented by Dan Snow, examining the development of the railways from their beginnings as track-ways for coal carts in the early 18th century to the pivotal technology for modern Britain.

Century of Trains
Steam locomotives were first developed in Great Britain during the early 19th century and dominated railway transport until the middle of the 20th century.

Wright Brothers' Flying Machine
To bring the Wrights' technological genius to life, this film features authentic replicas of their brilliantly conceived craft, as shown in thrilling test flights.

21st Century Jet - The Building of the 777
This film shows the building of the Boeing 777, chronologically from the conception to entry into service of the jetliner.

Great Planes - Boeing 747
This film explores the evolution of the classic 747 models - the roots of Jet-airline technology and Boeing's race to create the world's first jumbo jet.

Airbus A380 - The Giant of the Skies
This documentary tells the story behind making the Airbus A380, the world’s biggest and heaviest airliner ever built.

Battle of the X-Planes
This film goes behind the scenes to show the world's newest fighter taking shape, as Boeing and Lockheed Martin compete to win the largest contract in military history.

How to Build a Jumbo Jet Engine: Rolls-Royce
This is the story of the thousands of people who design, build and test engines at Rolls-Royce's manufacturing plants in Derby and across the UK.

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