Learn Through Videos: Engineering

This is a collection of links to educational videos related to engineers and engineering, which are made for a general audience. The videos contained cover a variety of topics on engineering; some of them explore the engineering feats accomplished by some of the great civilizations in history; some tell the history of electronic digital computers; some look at how engineers and designers use historic inventions and clues from the natural world in ingenious ways to develop new buildings and machines; and some deal with industrial design, product design, and our relationship with the manufactured objects that surround us.

A Science Odyssey - Bigger, Better, Faster
This program tells the hidden stories behind the major technological innovations of the past hundred years, such as the airplane, automobile, synthetic materials, radio, and the Internet.

Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections 3
This is a documentary series presented by Richard Hammond, looking at the connections behind the greatest feats of engineering.

James Burke's Connections III
This is a ten-part documentary series presented by science historian James Burke in 1997, which takes an interdisciplinary approach to the history of science and invention.

Water Power and the Industrial Revolution
This program demonstrates water power using wheels, shafts, gearing and other ingenious devices for corn milling, textile manufacture, wood working and the pumping of water.

Magnets (Modern Marvels)
This film reveals the essential role magnets play in today's society - from powering high-speed trains and theme-park rides to generating electricity and creating mechanical power.

Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams
This is a BBC documentary presented by Professor Simon Schaffer which charts the amazing and untold story of automata - extraordinary clockwork machines designed hundreds of years ago to mimic and recreate life.

Benjamin Franklin's Inventions
Benjamin Franklin was a prodigious inventor. Among his many creations were the lightning rod, glass armonica (a glass instrument), Franklin stove, bifocal glasses and the flexible urinary catheter.

George Westinghouse
This is a documentary about the life and times of George Westinghouse, his companies, legacy, personality, partnership with Nikola Tesla, and conflict with Thomas Edison.

Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman, who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world.

Powering the Future
This is a four-part documentary series presented by biologist M. Sanjayan, forecasting the world of energy in the not-too-distant future. It is an ambition shared by the whole of mankind.

Earth: The Operator's Manual
This film explores the fascinating history of energy use by humans over the centuries, gives a doubt-destroying proof that already-high levels of carbon dioxide are causing damaging global warming, and surveys the alternative energy options that are available to exploit right now.

Tomorrow's World (BBC Horizon)
Liz Bonnin delves into the world of invention, revealing the people and technologies set to transform all our lives.

Future by Design
Peer to Einstein and Buckminster Fuller, Jacque is a self-taught futurist who describes himself most often as a "generalist" or multi-disciplinarian - a student of many inter-related fields.

Engineering Secrets of Hagia Sophia
Istanbul is ground zero for massive earthquakes. How does Hagia Sophia continue to survive these killer quakes? Scientists discover the secrets of Hagia Sophia's survival.

On the Inside: The Leaning Tower of Pisa
This film explores the bizarre history of the 800 year effort to save the Tower, revealing the fascinating secrets behind the landmark with archival images, historical accounts and computer animations.

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