Cosmic Origins

The Oldest Question: Is There Life Beyond Earth? - Christopher Impey. Our reconstruction of the chronology of events that led to the origin of the Earth and subsequent chemical evolution on our planet informs us that nothing unusual was required for the origin and development of terrestrial life, and that therefore life may be pervasive throughout the cosmos. Whether extraterrestrial life exists is so ancient and beguiling a question that humankind is actively seeking the answer in its explorations of the planetary systems in our solar system. It may one day transpire that we discover that genesis has occurred, independently, not once but twice in our solar system. At that point, we could safely infer that life is a fundamental feature of our universe ... along with dark matter, supernovae, and black holes.

Christopher D. Impey, Distinguished Professor, Astronomy/Steward Observatory, The University of Arizona.

The Oldest Question: Is There Life Beyond Earth?

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