Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

This provides a collection of audio/video courses and lectures in chemistry and chemical engineering from educational institutions around the world. The courses and lectures cover a variety of subjects in chemistry and chemical engineering, including biochemistry, chemical structure and reactivity, general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, quantum mechanics, and thermodynamics and kinetics.

MIT OpenCourseWare
Video/text 5.111 - Principles of Chemical Science (Fall 2014)
Video/text 5.111 - Principles of Chemical Science (Fall 2008)
Audio/video 5.112 - Principles of Chemical Science
Video/text 5.60 - Thermodynamics & Kinetics
Audio/video 5.74 - Introductory Quantum Mechanics II (Spring 2009)
Audio/video 5.74 - Introductory Quantum Mechanics II (Spring 2004)
Video/text 5.80 - Small-Molecule Spectroscopy and Dynamics
Video/text 10.34 - Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering
Audio/video 3.091 - Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

UC Berkeley Webcast
Video Chemistry 1A - General Chemistry
Video Chem 3B - Chemical Structure and Reactivity
Video Chemistry C234 - Green Chemistry: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainability

Open Yale Courses
Audio/video CHEM 125A - Freshman Organic Chemistry I
Audio/video CHEM 125B - Freshman Organic Chemistry II

UCI OpenCourseWare
Video Chemistry 1P - Preparation for General Chemistry
Video/text Chemistry 1A - General Chemistry (Winter 2013)
Video/text Chemistry 1B - General Chemistry (Winter 2013)
Video/text Chemistry 1B - General Chemistry (Spring 2012)
Video Chemistry 1C - General Chemistry (Spring 2013)
Video Chemistry 51A - Organic Chemistry (Fall 2014)
Video Chemistry 51A - Organic Chemistry (Fall 2009)
Video/text Chemistry 51B - Organic Chemistry (Winter 2013)
Video Chemistry 51C - Organic Chemistry (Spring 2015)
Video Chemistry 51C - Organic Chemistry (Spring 2012)
Video Chemistry 107 - Inorganic Chemistry
Video/text Chemistry 125 - Advanced Organic Chemistry
Video/text Chemistry 128 - Introduction to Chemical Biology
Video Chemistry 131A - Quantum Principles
Video/text Chemistry 131B - Molecular Structure & Statistical Mechanics
Video/text Chemistry 131C - Statistical Mechanics and Chemical Dynamics
Video/text Chemistry 201 - Organic Reaction Mechanisms I
Video/text Chemistry 202 - Organic Reaction Mechanisms II
Video Chemistry 203 - Organic Spectroscopy

Stanford on YouTube
Video E20 - Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Video/text CHE 466 - Process Dynamics and Controls

McGill COurses OnLine(COOL)
Audio/video CHEM-110 - General Chemistry 1
Audio/video CHEM-120 - General Chemistry 2
Audio/video CHEM-180 - World of Chemistry: Environment
Audio/video CHEM-181 - World of CHEM: Food
Audio/video CHEM-182 - World of Chemistry: Technology
Audio/video CHEM-183 - World of Chemistry: Drugs
Audio/video CHEM-204/214 - Physical Chemistry/ Biological Sciences
Audio/video CHEM-212-001 - Organic Chemistry
Audio/video CHEM-222-001 - Intro Organic Chemistry 2
Audio/video CHEM-232 Organic Chemistry
Audio/video CHEM-302-001 - Organic Chemistry 3 (2011-Winter)

NPTEL Courses
Video Chemistry I: Introduction to Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Spectroscopy
Video Chemistry II
Video Engineering Chemistry I
Video Introductory Quantum Chemistry
Video Chemistry of Materials
Video Mathematics for Chemistry
Video Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Chemical Engineering
Video Polymer Chemistry
Video Instability and Patterning of Thin Polymer Films
Video Bio-inorganic Chemistry
Video Biochemistry
Video/web Biochemical Engineering
Video/web Eukaryotic Gene Expression - Basics and Benefits
Video Essentials in Immunology
Video Organic photochemistry and Pericyclic Reactions
Video Pericyclic Reactions and Organic Photochemistry
Video Co-ordination Chemistry
Video Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry
Video Organometallic Chemistry
Video Heterocyclic Chemistry
Video Heterogeneous Catalysis and Catalytic Processes
Video Chemical Reaction Engineering
Video Chemical Reaction Engineering II
Video Chemical Reaction Engineering 1 (Homogeneous Reactors)
Video Chemical Reaction Engineering 2 (Heterogeneous Reactors)
Video Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering
Video Chemical Engineering Principles of CVD Processes
Video Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Video Rate processes
Video Advanced Process Control
Video Fundamentals of Transport Processes
Video Fundamentals of Transport Processes II
Video Microscale Transport Processes
Video Multiphase Flow
Video Novel Separation Processes
Video Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes
Video Process Control and Instrumentation
Video Chemistry Applications of Symmetry and Group Theory
Video Application of Spectroscopic Methods in Molecular Structure Determination
Video Principles and Applications of NMR Spectroscopy
Video Principles and Applications of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Video Waste to Energy Conversion
Video Chemical Technology I

UCLA Courses on YouTube
Video Chemistry and Biochemistry 14D - Organic Reactions and Pharmaceuticals

Oxford University Chemistry Department
Audio/video Virtual Chemistry Laboratory

The contained lectures: Entertaining Chemistry, Computer Aided Drug Design, The Worlds Smallest Crystals, From Solomon to Marangoni: Surface Tension Effects in Chemistry, etc.

Chemical Education Devision Groups, Prude University
Video/text Lecture Demonstration Movie Sheets

Wintner Organic Chem by Claude E. Wintner
Video/text Organic Chemistry Reference Lectures

nanoHUB Courses
Video/text CHM 696 - Supramolecular and Nanostructured Materials