Learn Through Videos: Astronomy

This is a collection of links to educational videos related to astronomy and cosmology, which are made for a general audience. What is out there? Where do we come from? How did the universe begin? What is a star made of? Are black holes real? Are we alone? Is there another Earth? What are dark matter and dark energy? From the birth of the universe, through the emergence of life in the universe, to dark matter and dark energy, there are numerous questions about the world above us. The videos listed in this collection consist of lectures and documentary films that help us better-understand the universe in an amusing way. They cover a variety of topics: Big Bang, Black Holes, extraterrestrial life, dark matter, dark energy, galaxies, mankind's space exploration, multiverse, planets, stars and stargazing, telescopes, and the lives and works of great astronomers.

Wonders of the Solar System
This is a BBC science documentary series presented by Professor Brain Cox, exploring some of the most amazing features of our solar system.

Birth of the Solar System
Where did our solar system come from? scientists seek to uncover the truth behind the birth of the mighty solar system.

Secrets of the Sun
This reveals a bright new dawn in our understanding of our nearest star - one that might help keep our planet from going dark.

Our Mr. Sun
This is a 1956 film in directed by Frank Capra, explaining how the Sun works and how it also plays a huge part in human life.

The Planets
This is a BBC documentary series that tells a story of mankind's exploration of our solar system and reveals the wonders of the planets.

Titan - A Place Like Home
Investigation of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, after the Cassini spacecraft's seven-year trek landed the Huygens Probe on its surface. Does it reveal how life on Earth began?

Finding Life Beyond Earth
This immerses audiences in the sights and sounds of alien worlds, while top astrobiologists explain how these places are changing how we think about the potential for life in our solar system.

Where Did We Come From?
This film explores the origin of our solar system and the start of life itself, how head lice figure in human evolution, and more.

Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
An introduction to astrobiology which explores the origin and evolution of life on the Earth and its potential to exist elsewhere.

Astrobiology and Space Exploration
This discusses evolution in the context of space and time, focusing on the emergence of life in a planetary context on Earth and possibly elsewhere as well as the evolution of intelligence and the search for it elsewhere.

The Universe (Season 2)
This looks at wonders and mysteries of the universe as well as scientific theories explaining those phenomena: alien planets, cosmic holes, supernovas, Nebulas, dark matter/dark energy, space travel, colonizing space, astrobiology.

Alien Planets
This is a 94-minute docufiction, originally airing on the Discovery Channel, about two internationally built robot probes searching for alien life on the fictional planet Darwin IV.

The Mars Underground
Through spellbinding animation, the film takes us on a daring first journey to the Red Planet and envisions a future Mars teeming with life and terraformed into a blue world.

Welcome to Mars
This film follows the day-to-day operations of the Mars Exploration Rover team as it experiences hurdles, decisions, triumphs, and disappointments during its explorations of the Red Planet.

Mars: Dead or Alive
This film goes behind the scenes at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to offer a look at the construction and launch of two Martian exploratory rovers: "Spirit" and "Opportunity".

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